Moving to London is something I wanted to do for a number of years. I always used to enjoy visiting as a kid with my family, and then coming up to see friends when they were here in uni. I waited for years for the right time and the right opportunity to move, and, luckily for me in January 2016 that opportunity presented itself and so I finally moved to South East London.

The idea of the London project came to me after seeing a picture in a shop near Covent Garden. I basically wanted to create a 'collage type' photography piece to display in my flat showcasing the capital city.

I wanted to capture the sights and

landmarks of London that had drawn

me here for years, and make a piece

that was special to me.

Each of the images I took would remind me of all the excitement I had when I used to visit, which was ultimately the reason I had waited so long to move.

The piece would consist of 64 square images arranged in an 8x8 grid all within one frame. A number of people asked why I didn't just download all the images from the internet and save a lot of time and effort. I got where they were coming from, I mean, my photography skills aren't exactly amazing, but it was important to me that took each image myself so that it was all my own work. Plus, I couldn't think of a better way to explore the city.

Each shoot I went on, naturally I took way more images than I needed, but many were shots that I was still pleased with. I decided to set this blog up so that I could display these images to my friends and family, as many of them had been dragged around London by me and my camera, so I didn't want the endless days of walking around to be completely wasted.

Hope you enjoy!