1 Second Everyday

So 1SE stands for 1 Second Everyday. It’s a really cool app that was brought out a few years ago that I hadn’t even heard of until mid 2016 I think it was. The idea is, you take a 1 second video everyday. Kind of like a video diary of your life. Then, at the end of the week/month/year you are left with one video containing all of your 1 second clips. Genius!

When I first heard of 1SE, I immediately loved the idea. I spent hours online watching peoples videos over and over again, they’re so engaging and easy to watch and every single one is different. It’s like seeing life from another persons perspective. Each one second clip tells you something about the person filming it. What they’re doing, where they’re going, what’s important to them. It’s one of those things that once you know about it, you cant stop seeing it. I knew it was something I wanted to start doing myself.

I put off starting it for quite a while, as I didn’t really think my life would be interesting enough to film everyday. I mean, I work 5 days a week, so there’s not really a lot of options as to what I could film. Going to work, being in work, coming home from work. Not really going to be a thrilling watch. There’s only so many angles of the inside of a train/tube I could get away with. I thought it would be like having an old broken video or DVD that could only play one section on repeat. I then thought that by starting this project, it might force me to do more. It might make me take more advantage of living in such an amazing city.

When I first moved to London, I thought my social life would be endlessly filled with nights out having dinner, drinks, going to the theatre, or finding some amazing live music bars hidden away on one of the side streets. In my head it was all very Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City. Safe to say this wasn’t exactly the case. I think the blame lies mainly with my uncontrollable need to go shopping at every opportunity. But still, I’m hoping by starting this project, some of those things might start to happen and I may start to explore the real London.

So on December 24th 2016 I turned 25 and started filming everyday. I thought my birthday would be a great place to start, even though it’s most of the way through the month. I was a bit apprehensive and doubtful as to whether or not i could even keep it up, but 1 whole year later I managed to do it, and finish the whole year, 1 second at a time.

Instead of posting videos running from the 24th to the 24th of each month, I post by month, then the final video will be the full year. 1 year down, I cant wait to get the next year in the bag and share my adventures with you! I love looking back at old photos and videos and I’m so pleased with how 2017 went so I’m really determined to keep it up for another year.

So yeah, check back to this page each month to see my 1SE videos! Hope you enjoy.