J ust like the other day when I went out to photograph The Shard, when I went out to The Gherkin the weather was pretty ideal for pointing the camera up towards the sky. The broken clouds kept from having a featureless blue background and there was some really grey looking clouds around which made things a bit more interesting.

My intention with this shoot was to photograph and old church or chapel near the Gherkin. I wanted to capture the contrast of having an old building in the foreground and a modern building in the background. The contras of old an new architecture displayed in one photograph would make a great image for my project, which is why I wanted to get this shot. I must confess, this was not completely my idea. I had seen similar thing being done in different cities all around the world, but I really liked the idea of it and definitely wanted to include it in my collection.

Mother nature however, had different ideas. There was a really big tree right in front of the church I was planning to shoot, which was full of leaves (as trees usually are in mid summer – duh) which completely blocked the view of the Gherkin and ruined my shot. How inconsiderate!

I tried getting the shot from a few different angles, but none of them worked. That tree was constantly in my way.

I still stayed around for a bit and got a few other shots whilst I was there. I thought I ay as well try and make the most of the trip out there. I was still getting used to my new camera, trying out a few different settings, filters etc. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable using it as I was off to America in a couple of weeks, so I wanted to make sure i knew how to use everything.

Big blooming trees aside, it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon as there was barely anyone around so the headphones were in, and the world was out.

On my way back to get the tube home, I just happened to stumble across Leadenhall Market. I didn’t even know this place existed until I was there and it made for some great photos. I imagine this place would be full of people during the week, possibly even on a Saturday, but today it was completely empty which was perfect. Snappy Sunday afternoons seem like the way forward.

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