A fter a few months, and numerous days trekking around London taking photos, I finally had enough to be able to fill the spaces in the Fram I had made for my London project. By this point, there was still a lot of my list of things to go out and photograph, but I wanted to get the frame filled and up on my wall, rather than just sitting on my living room floor gathering dust.

So one weekend, I made it my task to get the photos all printed out and into the frame.

I had debated getting all the photos printed out at a local shop, however as this was going to be a ‘draft’ version of  my piece, I thought I would just print them all out myself. Once I had ticked off all of the shoots on my list and decided on the final photos I was going to use, I would get these printed professionally instead of using my ancient dusty printer currently on the floor under my desk.

The prints were going to be fairly small, 1.5 x 1.5 inches so I had to choose photos that didn’t focus too much on detail, as this would be hard to see. Narrowing the photos down to just enough to fill the frame was something I found quite hard. I was trying to pick the images based on what they displayed and how they looked, I only wanted the best ones to make it up on the wall. The problem was, each image I took had some sort of story behind it which made it special to me. Whilst this story was not necessarily displayed in the photo itself, I still knew it was there.

I tried to be as ruthless as possible to cut out photos and before long I had narrowed them down enough and I had my final selection.

The issue I now had was cutting all the photos out. As I had printed them all myself onto sheets of A4 I had to cut the all out individually by hand before putting them into the frame. As you can imagine, this was a rather time consuming task. Arts and crafts was never really my strongpoint in school.

Photos all cut out I then arranged them into an order I was pleased with and secured them to the mount I had made many months earlier. Then it was a just a case of carefully putting the mount into the frame and my little London Project was complete…for now.

I was really happy with what I had produced, it was exactly how I wanted it to be when I first started thinking about the project and I think it made a really special addition to my flat.

What I looked, is that it would be quite easy to change or rearrange the photos within the frame as they were not fixed in place. I had a few photos of the same place or landmark which I am already planning to change at some point but for now at least it was up on the wall.

My London Project is far from over. There is still so much of London I’ve yet to explore and I’m sure over the coming months or years my my London Project piece will see many changes. Will it ever be completed? Who knows. I’m sure I’ll get to a stage where I’m happy with the piece, then I’ll stumble across another hidden gem in the city which I have to include and the project will continue. I’m quite looking forward to it to be honest.

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