A fter having a look through some of the photos I had already taken and edited for my project, I decided that I needed more red. So that was todays task. Red.

Two things I had to include in my

project were a phone box, and a

London Underground sign.

These were must haves.

I remember walking through Westminster on my way home from work the other day and noticing a few phone boxes lining the streets. I needed an area which had a few phone boxes around because there was a very good chance there would be a queue of people all lined up waiting to have their ‘London phone box photo’ taken. #tourists – says the guy heading out to basically do exactly the same thing. Minus the people. And the selfie….I may have got a selfie. Anyway, I’m side tracking. The bottom line was, the more phone boxes there were, the higher the chance of finding one without people in the way.

As expected, Westminster was pretty busy with tourists, but after waiting around for a little while I was able to get the shots I needed. It’s no surprise the phone boxes are a tourist hot spot, they’re one of the most iconic things in London, which is also the reason I had to include them in my project.

I met my friend at the tube station who was joining me for the day – she fully understood that I would be dragging her around whilst taking photos, and still agreed to come. Such a good friend. While I was waiting for her outside the station, I got a couple of shots of Big Ben – I just couldn’t help myself. Every time I see it, I have to take a photo. I’m probably the biggest tourist around.

As we were leaving the station, there was some protest march heading up Parliament street. Not too sure what it was all about, but someone letting off bright pink smoke meant I had to try and get some photos. Not the sort of thing I’m used to seeing, you don’t really get many protests in quiet old South Wales.

Next on the photo list was the London Underground sign. There wasn’t really much I could do in terms of varying this particular photo subject apart from shooting from different angles.  I got photos of a few different signs as each would have a different background, so I could decide which one would look best post process.

We then went over to St James’s Park and up Horse Guards Road past the Household Cavalry Museum. Its a pretty awesome building, and but it was a bit too busy to stop and get photos this time. Plus, we were on our way to Soho so I had my wine head on.

I kind of have an unspoken deal with my friends now. Every time they join me when I’m out photographing I reward them for their company with wine or cocktails, or both…usually both. They seem to be happy with it, and I like both photography and drinking so it’s a win win situation for me too.

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