S o the first stop on my London project was the Shard. I was on my way to meet my brother and his girlfriend for lunch, and just happened to be passing the Shard, so I thought it would be a good place to start.

It was a pretty good day to be out photographing tall buildings as there was some light clouds in the sky which added a bit more to the photos than just a blue background. It also meant the reflections off the building windows would also be a bit more interesting.

I wanted to try and take photos from a number of different angles, even though I only needed one or two for the project. I wanted to figure out the best way to photograph the building and get a variety of shots so that I had a number of options to choose from.

This didn’t really go to plan, as I ended up leaving my flat super late, as always, and only had a short period of time to get some shots before I had to meet my brother. I got the train down to London Bridge station and did a few shots around there.

I went down a few streets right at the base of the building so see which side looked best. The sun and sky reflecting off the different sides of the building gave completely different results which was just what I was after. I then went down towards the river near City Hall to do a few photos of Tower Bridge, then had to head over to the Maltby Street Market for lunch.

I think I managed to get the shots I was after, but the Shard is definitely a subject I want to photograph again at some point. I think I’ll probably wait until the weather is a little worse, a dark stormy sky might add a bit more atmosphere to the photos. Given that this is the UK, I shouldn’t have to wait that long for weather like that.

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