T his shoot was another one I was trying to squeeze in on the way to other plans I had that day. I was meeting a friend at Green Park, so I got the train to Victoria and decided to walk from the station to Green Park underground.

Obviously Buckingham palace was as busy as it always is, so it took a bit of patience waiting for a spot in the right place at the front of the gates to open up, but in the end I managed to the spot I wanted and get some photos.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great so photographs of the whole building just looked a bit dull against a white cloud background. It’s a bit of a shame, but what more could be expected from British Weather.

One of the photos I wanted to get was of the front gates. The design of the gates, and the intricate detail in the metal is really impressive and I wanted to capture this to add some interest to my piece. It was a little difficult to do as I had to put my lens as far through the gate as I could, then try and stand still whilst being nudged and shoved by all the tourists. This made staying as still as possible a little challenging.

I also wanted to get a photograph of the inner gates with the balcony above them, the tourist in me just couldn’t resist. It’s such a recognisable and iconic sight, it was an absolute must for my London piece.

A picture of one of the gurds stood outside was obviously obligatory. Come on, it had to be done.

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