The Shakespeare cliffs were a bit of an unscheduled stop on our way back from Cathedral Cove. The couple who owned the apartment we were staying in pointed them out to us as they were just across the bay. Apparently the views from the top were spectacular so since we were passing we thought we would have a look. 

After all the hiking we had done that day already, we didn’t feel so bad for taking the lazy option and driving to the top rather than walking from the beach at the bottom. So that’s exactly what we did. There was still a very small amount of walking to be done, and by small I mean the 20 meters or so from the car park to the viewpoint so calories were still burned. 

Our hosts were not wrong, it was a really beautiful spot. We had 270 degree panoramic views of the area from the very top of the cliffs, a pretty high vantage point. We could see right across Mercury Bay over to the town were were staying. There were lots of little islands dotted around the bay, quite similar to what we had seen in the bay of islands but on a much smaller scale. 

A few clouds had formed in the sky by this point, but the sun was still shining and it was still quite hot out. Being so high up and so exposed to the elements however, there was quite a nice breeze blowing which was a welcome way to cool down. 

We didn’t really stick around for too long, just long enough to get a couple of photos. Apart from the view itself, there wasn’t that much else to photograph. The afternoon sun had brought in quite a flat light which wasn’t a brilliant feature of the photos. I tried to minimise this effect as much as possible when editing, but I didn’t have much joy with that.

It was nice to take a few minutes to just sit and enjoy the view and the last of the sun before heading back to the car to drive home. The Sauvignon Blanc was still calling us and I do hate to keep it waiting. 

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